ABC in Urban and Regional Planning, 2015

The UP School of Urban and Regional Planning (UP SURP) Training and Extension Division recently concluded its first run of the training entitled “A Basic Course in Urban and Regional Planning (ABC in URP)” for 2015. The training is an introductory course on the basic concepts, processes and methodologies of urban and regional planning, and provides updates on the latest planning approaches, tools and techniques. Specialists are tapped to share their expertise and experiences on the planning profession.

For this batch, fifty-nine (59) participants from Local Government Units (LGUs), National Government Agencies (NGAs), and the private sector attended the training, which was held from 16 to 20 March 2015 at the 3rd Floor Cariño Multi-Purpose Hall of the UP SURP.

The next training is scheduled for 11 to 15 May 2015. Interested participants may inquire at (0632) 926-2120, or email the for more details.



SCURP 1st Run Closed / Announcement on next run






as of FRIDAY, 27 FEBRUARY 2015, 10:00AM.

Interested applicants may enroll in the 2nd run of the program in July 2015.

Please visit the SURP website for further announcements.


Thank you.


Spatial Planning Students of the Technical University of Dortmund visit SURP

The UP School of Urban and Regional Planning (UP SURP) continues to strengthen in institutional linkages with academic institutions both here and abroad through various academic activities. The school maintains its strong ties with the Technische Universitat Dortmund (TUDo) in Germany in the conduct of faculty, staff, and student exchanges, collaborative researches, lectures, and exchanges of academic information.

Fifteen (15) students from the Fakultät Raumplanung (Faculty of Spatial Planning) of TUDo will be in the country for almost a month as part of the study entitled A Research by the Spatial Planning Students of the Technical University of Dortmund. The group shall be working in collaboration with the Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA) in the development of an M&E toolkit that will be utilized by CDIA in the monitoring and evaluation of its infrastructure projects. The students have scheduled visits to the cities of Valenzuela and Naga, where the toolkit will be tested, interviews will be conducted, and field tests will be done in the affected locales of both areas. Data from the field will then be utilized to improve the M&E toolkit.

Following the field work, a presentation of the findings and the revised version of the M&E Toolkit will be made by the group on March 9, 2015 at 4:00PM, at the 3rd Floor Cariño Multi-Purpose Hall. As the presentation is open to all, interested parties may RSVP to (02) 926-2120.












50th Anniversary Public Lecture Series

On the occasion of its Golden Jubilee Celebration, the UP School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP) holds the 50th Anniversary Public Lecture Series. The countdown to the school’s 50th Anniversary officially commenced in October 22, 2014, and the lecture series forms part of the school’s activities to celebrate its fifty years in existence.


The lecture series commenced last January 16, 2015 with a presentation by Dr. Asteya M. Santiago entitled “The First Fifty Years of the School of Urban and Regional Planning and its Future Golden Years“. Dr. Santiago’s presentation recalled five decades of the school’s history and accomplishments in providing planning education, conducting research and training programs, and maintaining local and international linkages. From its beginnings as an institution in 1965, to the present, the presentation showcased SURP’s continuing dedication to academic excellence and its invaluable contribution to nation-building.

LEcture 1 Santiago









For the month of February, Dr. Josefina M. Ramos of the Professional Regulatory Board of the Philippines gave a lecture entitled “Positioning the Environmental Planner in the Light of the ASEAN Integration” . Members of the audience were given a briefer on the development opportunities brought about by the ASEAN Integration, particularly with regard to the movement of goods, services, and skilled labor within the region. The presentation zeroed in on the effects of these developments in the Planning Profession, and how planners may be able to qualify themselves to be more to meet the standards set by the ASEAN to practice in member countries outside of the Philippines.
Ramos 2








On March 19, 2015, a lecture on “Housing the Urban Poor: Some Lessons Learned” will be delivered by Dr. Zenaida A. Manalo. The lecture will be held at the 3rd Floor Cariño Multi-Purpose Hall from 6:00PM onwards. Participants may call to confirm attendance at (02) 926-2120.












The UP School of Urban and Regional Planning (UP SURP) will host a public lecture entitled “What are the Current Issues in Urban Rail Planning in Tokyo?” at the 3rd Floor Cariño Multi-Purpose Hall of UP SURP on December 3, 2014, at 3:00 in the afternoon. The lecture will be delivered by Prof. Hironori Kato, of The University of Tokyo, Japan.

Prof. Kato’s lecture shall touch on the characteristics and complexities of Tokyo City’s urban rail system, and how the rail-oriented megacity has benefited from its sophisticated and efficient urban rail network. With the city’s economy highly dependent on its rail network, the presentation shall look into the unique characteristics of Tokyo’s urban rail market, particularly how railway services are provided by private railway companies. A discussion shall be made on how these private companies have been guided by the central government in the development of the rail network to what it is today. The audience shall also be given a glimpse of the latest master plan and the recent developments after the master plan was proposed. Current issues regarding Tokyo’s rail network shall also been discussed in the lecture.

Participants may RSVP to (02) 926-2120 to attend the lecture. There is no entrance fee, but as slots are limited, interested parties are advised to register early.


Prof. Kato is a faculty member of the Department of Civil Engineering, the University of Tokyo, Japan. His interest in the field of transportation planning and policy dates back to 1995, during his time as a Research Associate in the university. His teaching and research interests include areas of transportation planning and policy, transportation economics, transportation finance, and travel behavioral analysis. As a researcher, Prof. Kato’s numerous works have been published in international refereed journals, international conference proceedings, and books chapters on transportation research.

A3 POSTER_kato_web



SURP announces the Admission Exam Result (1st Batch) listing all passers for the Diploma and  M.A. programs for the Second Semester of Academic Year 2014-2015. Please find your name in the attached lists.

2nd 2014-2015 – 1 batch


PhD Admission Exam Result is provided below.

PhD 2nd 2014-2015

Founding Day Celebration – UP SURP@49: Reaching for Gold

The UP School of Urban and Regional Planning (UP SURP) celebrated its 49th Founding Anniversary last October 22, 2014, with the theme UPSURP@49: Reaching for the Gold.


The morning festivities began with the SURParade (fig. 1), held at the UP Oval, with the purpose of “Showcasing Urban and Regional Planning for Low Emission Development Society (LEDS)”. The parade was attended by 180 participants from the SURP faculty and staff, alumni, students of the school, as well as invited guests, including a brass band courtesy of the Quezon City Local Government. This was followed by a “boodle fight” lunch at the UP SURP Garden. (fig. 2)


Fig. 1 Parade

Fig. 2 Lunch











The afternoon’s activities commenced with the School and the UP Alumni Association SURP Chapter awarding the distinction of UP SURP Outstanding Alumnus (fig. 3) to Secretary Ramon Jesύs P. Paje, the Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for his invaluable contribution to the field of urban and regional planning, particularly his tireless efforts at the protection and preservation of the environment in the country.  In his acceptance speech, Secretary Paje expressed his strong support to the continued growth of UP-SURP.

Fig. 3 Awarding









This was immediately followed by the ribbon cutting and blessing (fig. 4) (fig. 5) of the newly refurbished SURP Lobby and the launching of the school’s Free WiFi, attended by Sec. Paje and Mrs. Paje as well as by representatives of the Resorts World Manila (officially known as Travellers International Hotel Group Inc.) which sponsored said refurbishment, through the efforts of the UPAA-SURP Chapter, led by its president, Dr. Gabby Lopez.

Fig. 5










Fig. 4 Blessing












A Thanksgiving Mass was then held at the 3rd Floor Cariño Multi-Purpose Hall.  This was followed immediately by the countdown to the 50th Golden Anniversary in 2015, and a presentation of plans for the new SURP Bldg.


Afterwards, the UPAA-SURP Chapter General Assembly, with new officers elected.


Socials were held in the evening to cap off school 49th Founding Anniversary celebration. (fig. 6)


Fig. 6 Socials

UP-SURP celebrating its 49th Anniversary: 22 October 2014

The UP-SURP announces the program for its 49th Anniversary with the theme,


expressing the build-up to next year’s milestone golden anniversary.  The program of activities for October 22, 2014 is shown for your reference.  We enjoin all former UP-SURP faculty and staff, alumni and friends to join the School in this celebration.   RSVP contact information indicated below.




9:00 – 10:00 AM



10:00 – 11:00 AM

SURParade –  Showcasing Urban and Regional Planning for Low Emission Development Society (LEDS) at the UP Oval

11:30AM – 12:30 PM


  UP SURP Garden

1:30 – 2:00 PM

Blessing   of the New  Lobby  and  Launching of the Free WiFi  at  UP SURP Ground Floor

2:00 – 3:00 PM

Thanksgiving Mass

  Venue: 3F, Carino Multi-Purpose Hall

3:00 – 4:00 PM

49th Anniversary Program

Venue: 3F, Carino Multi-Purpose Hall

   1 Welcome remarks

   2  Countdown to 50th Anniversary

   3 Awarding of the UP SURP Outstanding Alumnus – Sec. Ramon Paje, DENR

   4 Address of the Awardee

4:00 – 4:15 PM


4:15 – 6:00 PM

UPAA-SURP Chapter General Assembly

   President’s Report

   Secretary and Treasurer’s Report



6:00 PM  onwards








RSVP: Students – c/o UP PLANO Pres. Steph Gilles – 09178952988

Alumni – c/o Arlene Ty – 09178316694

Faculty and staff – c/o Lina – 9206853; 09228714955








UP-SURP Faculty Member Recognized as 2014 Most Outstanding Zambosurian for Academe

The UP School of Urban and Regional Planning (UP SURP) is pleased to announce the Recognition of Dr. Karen Ann B. Jago-on as the 2014 Most Outstanding Zambosurian for Academe. Dr. Jago-on was awarded by the by the Province of Zamboanga del Sur during the Most Outstanding Zambosurian Night held on the celebration of the 62nd Founding Anniversary of Zamboanga Del Sur last September 13, 2014.

Dr Jago-on finished her undergraduate degree in Community Development at the UP College of Social Work and Community Development, and went on to earn her Masters, and consequently her Doctorate Degree in Developmental Science at Hiroshima University in Japan. She joined the Faculty of the UP SURP in 2011, where she is currently an Assistant Professor. She is one of the school’s experts in the field of environmental planning, specializing particularly in the topics of Development/Environmental Economics, and Human Impacts on Subsurface Environments. A prolific researcher, Dr. Jago-on has been involved in works published both locally and internationally. Dr. Jago-on is likewise the main convener of the Consortium of Urban Subsurface Environment Management in Asia.

Visiting Japanese Professor to lecture on Urban Freight Policy Measures in Tokyo

The UP School of Urban and Regional Planning will be hosting a public lecture on September 9, 2014 (Tuesday) at 2 pm, entitled “Urban Freight Survey and Policy Measures in Tokyo Metropolitan Area” which will be delivered by Dr. Tetsuro Hyodo, a Visiting Professor from the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology.

The lecture shall focus on the results of the decennial Urban Freight Survey (UFS) that was recently conducted in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, touching on the importance of logistics/freight transportation.

The public lecture will highlight the chief purposes and activities outline of the Urban Freight Survey (UFS), focusing particularly on the results of the decennial UFS that was recently conducted in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, with Dr. Hyodo chairing the Tokyo USF Committee. The lecture will likewise present the features and importance of logistics/freight transportation. Discussion on logistics facility allocation model and large size truck’s route choice behavior in relation to policy measures from the view point of public infrastructure planning will also be undertaken.

Registration to the lecture is free. Interested participants may RSVP to (02) 926-2120, or email to